Creatively Hiding Storage In Your Bath

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Have you ever noticed that the bathroom is the room you need to store the most and the least storage space? Creative ways to hide storage are important in the bathroom where large and small items need a “home”. Whether you have a lot of storage space under your underutilized sink or you only have a standing sink, there are creative ways to store items. Take a look at these solutions and see which of them is best for your bathroom.

How much storage space do you currently have:

Every bathroom has its own storage challenges. Free-standing sinks need to be stored in an adjacent closet, closet or adjacent shelves. Bathrooms that have cabinets under the sink can still have a mess underneath. Consider using organizational racks under the vanities to take full advantage of the height. The height can make your bathroom cabinets usable again. Assess your current needs, then adapt.

Open shelves:

Children’s bathrooms are ideal for open shelves under sinks. Use the racks for baskets, towels, bath toys, etc… Hide the storage in bins or custom bins for children. For mature bathrooms, the open shelves can accommodate toiletries, bathroom scales and personal toiletries without being displayed. Open shelves can use burlap and sea grass trays to hold makeup and small items that regularly enter the drawers.

Extended cabinets:

If you have the space, consider extending your cabinets to the ceiling for storage. The cabinets can take on a spa aesthetic with open spaces in the cabinets for decoration and display. Many do-it-yourself home improvement stores have storage kits to make bathroom storage easy and affordable. For a personalized look, hire a carpenter or customize handcrafted wooden cabinets for your bathroom and vanity.


Although the hooks are not hidden, they offer storage that does not look like traditional storage. Use hooks to hang towels and bathrobes. Small children like the possibility of reaching for towels and independently. Use hooks next to the bathtub for wet shower mats and wet clothes that need to air dry.

Laundry cabinets:

Depending on where you live, laundry cabinets are those that are made inside or next to the bathroom to store laundry. Use these cabinets to also store bulky items, such as hair dryers and cleaning products. For a decorative touch, add glass doors to the laundry cabinets for display and storage.


Especially with more traditional porcelain sinks, use fabric skirts to hide the storage below. The matching fabric can be used for window treatments and shower hatches to contract bathroom elements. Use a coordinated paint color so that your bathroom hides the storage, but seamlessly adds visual interest to your space.

Bathroom storage should not be inconvenient and displayed on the countertop. Hidden storage combined with simple decoration ideas will make you enjoy your space more and in turn allow you to store more. If you need storage ideas, browse your favorite home and garden magazine for inspiration! They do a great job showing you options that you would never have imagined!

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