Decorating Your Bathroom

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Nothing helps you get into the holiday spirit like decorating your own hallways with all your seasonal decor. Whether you make the full-fledged tree and garland on every mantelpiece and railing or just install a few beloved items, preparing your home for the holidays is part of the fun of the season. Don’t miss the opportunity to extend this experience to all the rooms in your home. When decorating a bathroom for the holidays, make sure that every corner of your living space is filled with joy.

But how do you decorate what is usually a smaller and very established space? You probably can’t move the furniture to make room, and between a shower and mirrors, your walls are probably already pretty full. However, this does not mean that you should give up this festive occasion. We have collected a few quick and easy ways to decorate a bathroom for the holidays.

Use all space

As we have already discussed, bathrooms are more compact than most other rooms that you will decorate. This is where it is essential to use every square centimeter, including those under your toes. Some holiday-themed bath mats are a great way to get your bathroom ready for the season in seconds. In addition, because they are designed to resist abrasion and moisture, they pack well when not in use.

Embrace what you have

If your bathroom is already red, white, or Green, getting it ready for the holidays is probably a breeze. But what if it’s black or sapphire? You could try to attract the traditional holiday colors, but you will probably drive yourself crazy trying to mix the colors in such a small space.

Instead, work with what you already have. A sapphire and sea bathroom works well with snow-inspired accents in white and silver. A minimalist, dark bathroom can get a holiday update with a collection of evergreen branches on the counter or a simple black and white holiday decor. If you let your current space determine your design choices when decorating a bathroom for the holidays, it will be much easier to prepare your home for the holidays.

Use your leftovers

Do you have extra holiday decor that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else in the House? Find a place in the bathroom. Even a seemingly unconventional bathroom decor can work with a little creativity. Suppose you have an extra stocking. Left alone, it may seem out of place. But if you fill it with seasonal greenery, it will be a perfect addition.

Keep a clean palette

Bright and cheerful colors are a sign of the season. However, that doesn’t mean you should try to include them all in your bathroom. Since it is a relatively limited space, saturated colors can quickly look too good. It’s a good idea to choose an accent color that matches the already existing elements in the room and build from there.

Mix your metals

Most bathrooms have their fair share of hardware. Your faucet, your drawer pulls and your shower curtain rod are all design options. Include holiday metal accessories on your countertop to create a cohesive look quickly and easily. The hard textures of the metal decor work well in a room where you don’t want things to retain moisture. And the mixed metals give your holiday bathroom decor a glamorous look.

Keep it simple

Decorating a bathroom for the holidays should be fun. If this seems like a burden to you, you are probably overdoing it. It is enough to drape a garland on the bathroom counter, add a small vase with evergreen branches or hang an ornament on a wall lamp – that’s a lot. It’s a small space, so you don’t have to do much. If you’re still looking for inspiration, we’ve got 10 simple holiday decorating tips that should help.

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