Using Wood Textures in the Kitchen

Wood is a common material for kitchens, from cabinets to walls to countertops. You can also use wood textures in the kitchen in surprising ways to create visual interest and your own style. You can use wood in unexpected ways or places to make a statement in a room. So if you are looking for something creative to do with a kitchen design, take a look at the different ways to use wood textures in the kitchen.

Match wood in interesting places

One idea is to take a very distinctive wood texture and use it in unexpected places with high contrast. The photo above shows how the warm, textured wood of the island was also used on the hob. This wood contrasts with the elegant gray cabinet. The use of a certain type of wood for the island and its extension to other parts of the room create a design cohesion in the space. Je you can use this idea in different ways. You can use the texture of wood on the floor to cover the cabinets, for example. Or you can use the texture of wood in the chairs on the worktop. You can be as creative as you want with this idea.

Combine wood with elegant and modern designs

In the photo above, we see another example of how you can use wood to create an attractive contrast with the cabinets. The elegant gray cabinets look almost futuristic, and the style of the hood adds to the modern look, but the warm wood creates a kind of natural feeling. This results in a subtle contrast by using wood textures in the kitchen, making the kitchen feel modern but not austere. The naturally textured stone countertop is a beautiful dividing line between modern and classic styles. The countertop has the clean lines of the updated styles, but the natural stone gives it a slightly rustic look. It serves as a connecting point in the style.

Mix and match wood textures

There are so many wood textures that you can also stick only on wood to create a contrasting style. The style in the photo above contrasts with darker and highly textured barn wood walls compared to a lighter ceiling and floor. You can see an extra contrast in the refrigerator and stainless steel appliances, giving this rustic space a modern touch. A sapphire and gray color scheme on the cabinets and the kitchen itself also alternates with the surrounding natural wood. This shows that if you want to use wood textures in the kitchen in a surprising way, think about high contrast.

Choose abstract wood textures in the kitchen

What is abstract wood? The photo above shows the style of the drawers and the island. The wood is usually not as Grey, nor texture exactly like that. But the style still evokes a sense of wood texture op. In combined with the bright orange minimalist cabinets, the glossy white backsplash and the black wire chair you have a completely modern space while being able to evoke warmth. You can also achieve a style like this using an exterior addition such as kitchen cabinet vinyl wrap.

Use a wild and rustic texture

Another idea for using unexpected wood textures in the kitchen is to go as natural as possible. The photo above shows a countertop that resembles the wood that has just been dragged out of the forest and thrown is on the cooking island . In combined with the elegant white design of the rest of the kitchen, this is another interesting high contrast style. Warm wood floors also prevent the countertop from looking out of place. You can use similar rustic textures in other counter areas or in chairs and stools.

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